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Mission Alignment Booster

Nonprofits need to be efficient and effective with strong organizational capacity for sustainability and success. If your organization is experiencing any of these challenges, you need our MISSION ALIGNMENT BOOSTER© that will assess your organization and identify gaps that hinder your nonprofit’s effectiveness and efficiency.

This program is NOT for nonprofits that are unwilling to become mission focused, refusing to revamp governance structures as needed, averse to creating a strategic plan for sustainability, or reluctant to invest in itself to grow.

This program is for nonprofits who are willing to make the necessary adjustment to become an optimized organization. Sign up today!


Mission Alignment Booster

We will identify the gaps and clarify your organization’s needs.

199.00 $

Nonprofit Mission Accelerator

Does your nonprofit lack a strategic roadmap to optimize current projects that will help sustain the organizational shifts to structure and board development, infrastructure, and support staff for mission elevation? Experience our targeted training modules and other strategies to receive your personalized roadmap that will help guide you for making the appropriate changes without creating additional gaps. (If you have not enrolled in the Mission Alignment Booster, we strongly recommend you do so before enrolling in the Nonprofit Mission Accelerator program).

Nonprofit Mission Accelerator

Your personalized roadmap to an optimized nonprofit.

499.00 $

Empowered Nonprofit Society

Each month Empowered Nonprofit Society members receive a masterclass on specific topics that provide continued support in the development of their organizational leadership and development capacity. Enroll today!