Mission Alignment Booster

I developed a passion many years ago for assisting nonprofits because they make a difference in the world. They provide services and programs that impact peoples’ lives. What I found with most of them is how they want to make a greater impact in their community. However, many fail in their attempts to do so because they do not have the governance structure nor the systems to handle the changes.

For example, there was a nonprofit whose board reached out to me because they had the desire to develop affordable housing for first time homebuyers in their community. This particular nonprofit did not have the capacity to provide this program. They didn’t know where to begin. Therefore, the board of directors hired me to assess their organization and identify the gaps in their ability to create and implement a housing program. The organization understood its limits and made the adjustments that were necessary to build its capacity for housing development. In less than one year of making the adjustments, this nonprofit started building affordable housing and developed other community initiatives. They created a successful housing strategic plan, established partnerships with foundations, city government, and other community stakeholders that helped them to initially build 10 houses. To date it continues to provide affordable housing for first-time homebuyers.

I worked with another nonprofit that wanted to expand its after school educational program. This organization had a desire to increase its enrollment to accommodate more students who needed tutorial assistance. After an initial assessment of its governance and staff capacity and programs, strategies were developed that helped to double their after-school’s enrollment. Now there is such a high demand for this program that it continues to have a waiting list of students wanting to get in.

I have worked with 100s of nonprofits over the years, each having different missions and diverse services, each at various stages in terms of their organizational capacity. The concern among them all was whether they had the ability to sustain their organizations.

What I know is that 30% of nonprofits fail to exist after 10 years due to the lack of organizational and board capacity, the inability to carry-out and sustain their missions, and the lack of securing adequate finances. They have the desire to make a lasting, social impact and simply help people. Unfortunately, it takes more than heart and passion to manage and run these types of organizations.

If your organization is experiencing any of these challenges, and you are concerned whether your nonprofit can be sustained, the MISSION ALIGNMENT BOOSTER© is for you. We will help you realign your mission, identify gaps that hinder your nonprofit’s effectiveness and efficiency, and put you on a sustainable path.

If you are a nonprofit that is unwilling to become mission focused, refusing to revamp governance structures as needed, averse to creating a strategic plan for sustainability, or reluctant to invest in itself to grow, this service is not for you.

However, if you are a nonprofit that is willing to make the necessary adjustment to become an optimized organization that can be sustained in the future, you are the one we want to help.

We will identify the gaps and clarify your organization’s needs.

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Nonprofit Mission Accelerator

Does your nonprofit lack a strategic roadmap for ultimate optimization during organizational shifts in leadership, during program development, and when identifying the most appropriate funding streams that will support and sustain your organization? We will create specific strategies and training modules that will lead you to your personalized roadmap that will help guide you for making the appropriate changes without creating additional gaps. (If you have not enrolled in the Mission Alignment Booster, we strongly recommend you do so before enrolling in the Nonprofit Mission Accelerator program).

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Empowered Nonprofit Society

Each month Empowered Nonprofit Society members receive a masterclass on specific topics that provide continued support in the development of their organizational leadership and development capacity.

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Payment Options

This is a level of service for nonprofits who have large budgets and programs that require a consultant/contractor. Schedule a discovery call today to see how we may assist your organization.


Mission Alignment Consulting