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Can your nonprofit be sustained?

30% of nonprofits fail to exist after 10 years due to the lack of organizational and board capacity, inability to carry out their mission, and challenges in securing adequate funding. Nonprofits desire to make a lasting, social impact and simply want to help people. Unfortunately, it takes more than heart and passion to manage and run these type of organizations.

In an unprecedented time when COVID-19 is rampant and people are experiencing extreme hardships, nonprofits are needed more than ever to provide services. In a recent study, the data showed nearly 40 percent of Americans said they’re likely or certain to contribute more to charity this year than they did in 2019. 

Does your organization have the capacity to sustain itself during this critical time and beyond?

Nonprofits must be efficient and effective with strong organizational capacity for sustainability and success.

Dr. Jeter and her team assists nonprofit organizations to become laser-focused on fulfilling their mission, to transform leadership styles and operations to increase organizational success rates, and to secure adequate funding to sustain and amplify mission impact.

If your organization values its mission and it wants to continue providing services but lacks the capacity, you need to book an assessment appointment today!

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Consulting Services


Mission Alignment Booster

We help you realign your mission and identify gaps that hinder your nonprofit’s effectiveness and efficiency. 

Mission Accelerator

We help you develop and implement a strategic roadmap to optimize your governance structure, services, and programs for maximum impact. 


Empowered Nonprofit Society

We offer monthly masterclasses on timely topics that will continue to develop and optimize nonprofit organizations and their leaders. 

Mission Alignment Consulting

We offer one-on-one sevice with a specialized, comprehensive, assessment that includes education and training.



Thank you for facilitating our strategic planning session and reviewing our grant proposals. Your help has given us an opportunity to expand our programs and operations.”

Kings Kids Cultivating Center – Indiana, P. Crumes, Director

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